Port Stephens

Discover Port Stephens’ wonderful beaches and resident wild dolphins. You’ll enjoy dolphin-watching cruises and parasailing on the sparkling blue waters. There are 26 sandy beaches, some sheltered in bays that are perfect for families as well as swimming, snorkelling and kayaking. The towering Stockton sand dunes are great for quad-biking and horseriding.

Kayaking, Port Stephens
Surfing, Port Stephens

About the Port Stephens region

Blessed with 26 sandy beaches, a vast blue bay and many beautiful inlets, Port Stephens is an idyllic destination north of Sydney. The area is famous for its resident bottlenose dolphins, crystal-clear waters and towering sand dunes.

Home to around 150 bottlenose dolphins, Ports Stephens has plenty of dolphin-watching cruises departing from Nelson Bay. You can also swim with the playful marine mammals on a Dolphin Swim Australia tour. Whale watching is popular during the annual migration between May and November. See majestic humpbacks on a cruise or from a headland in Tomaree National Park.

You can enjoy water sports such as diving and snorkelling, swimming and surfing, and sailing and kayaking. Other things to do include quad-biking with Sand Dune Adventures and Quad Bike King, sand-boarding on the Southern Hemisphere’s largest moving coastal sand dunes, and horseriding on the beach.

Freshly caught seafood and waterfront dining are available at cafés and restaurants at Nelson Bay and Tea Gardens. Beer lovers will be thrilled with a visit to Murray’s Craft Brewing Co., where you can taste craft beers such as Whale Ale and Wild Thing.

You’ll also find plenty of accommodation options in Ports Stephens and there are day tours from Sydney to the gorgeous area. The drive from Sydney to Nelson Bay is 2h 30 min. You can also travel by train to Newcastle, where you take a bus to the area.

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