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於邦迪(Bondi)或曼利海灘(Manly Beach)觀看日出,是享受悉尼悠閒生活的理想活動。您可於中午時鋪好野餐巾,在海灘上輕鬆野餐。游泳時,請記得留在黃紅旗範圍內,並注意海洋安全規則。另外,您亦可在邦迪(Bondi)、曼利(Manly)或庫魯努拉(Cronulla)海灘內獲認可的滑浪學校中學習滑浪。

這裡設有澳洲新南威爾士南岸(South Coast)及北岸內其中幾個最好的滑浪地點。您可以於悉尼租車前往臥龍崗(Wollongong)南部的奇拉里州立公園(Killalea State Park),並在當中的 The Farm Mystics 海灘中滑浪;驅車或乘坐火車至北部紐卡素(Newcastle)的梅里韋瑟海灘(Merewether Beach);或參加滑浪團。

Bondi Beach, Sydney
Bronte beach, Sydney




放鬆身心、享受玩樂就是澳洲的海灘生活。新南威爾士擁有數以百計的海灘,綿延超過 2,000 公里。邦迪曼利都是悉尼最有名的海灘,兩者各有特色;而棕櫚海灘(Palm Beach則深受國際著名電視劇《聚散離合》(Home and Away)的影迷歡迎。

您可輕易地於悉尼海港四周找到寧靜的海灘,如巴莫路海灘(Balmoral Beach)、金寶灣(Camp Cove)與西芹灣(Parsley Bay)。

悉尼的南部及北部則擁有幾個最佳的滑浪地點,是全年無休的熱門消閑好去處。澳洲的滑浪文化源於悉尼北部的淡水海灘(Freshwater),夏威夷滑浪好手 Duke Kahanamok 1914 1915 年夏天將滑浪推廣成澳洲一項熱門運動。



Bondi Beach, Sydney

Bondi Beach

One of Australia’s best­known beaches, Bondi Beach is home to clean white sand, great surf and vibrant cafes and bars. Surfers and sunbathers share the space and there’s a children’s wading pool at the north end for families.
S​tand up paddleboarding, Shelly Beach, Manly

Manly Beach

With a tree­lined promenade and a long stretch of fine soft sand, the beach is a popular destination for backpackers and families. You’ll find plenty of beachside cafés, bars and restaurants. Manly Wharf, overlooking Sydney Harbour, has many quality restaurants.
T​wo young women and a young man learning to surf with a 'Let's Go Surfing' instructor at Bondi Beach

Sydney Surf Beaches

Catch some of the world’s best waves on Sydney beaches.​L​earn to surf at an accredited surf school on one of Sydney's favourite beaches. There are great programs at Bondi, Manly and Maroubra, where more experienced surfers can also polish their skills.
Discover world class surfing beaches on the NSW South Coast

South Coast Beaches

Discover some of NSW’s best surfing beaches on the South Coast. You’ll also find good casual dining at waterfront cafés and restaurants and plenty of exciting things to do, such as Skydive the Beach in Wollongong.​

Avoca Beach, Central Coast

Central Coast Beaches

Central Coast beaches are popular spots for numerous water­based activities such as surfing, fishing, swimming, sailing and scuba diving. There’s plenty for families to enjoy on the Central Coast’s fine sandy beaches.
Surf beach, North Coast

North Coast Beaches

On the North Coast are some of Australia’s best point breaks, hollow tubes and long rides. Surfers travel to the North Coast for waves created by ocean swells, jutting headlands and submerged reefs. Dolphins share the waves with surfers at Crescent Head.
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    Nova Cruises

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