Jetpack Adventures Penrith

Launch into the air with Jetpack Adventures and experience the thrill of flying with a water-powered jetpack. Enjoy the exhilarating flights in Sydney and at the Mount Penang Gardens, on the Central Coast of NSW.

The jetpack blasts hundreds of litres of water through thrust nozzles, enabling you to fly as high as 15 metres above the water. Water-jet powered flyboards and bikes are also available.

Each introductory session is 45 minutes and includes training and one flight of 15 minutes. You can also choose an extended adventure for 60 minutes with two 15-minute flights. Before making reservations, read the general restrictions on health, age and swimming ability on the website.

Fly seven days a week, from 9am to 5pm, at the Sydney International Regatta Centre, Penrith in Sydney’s west. From Town Hall Station in the city centre, take a train to Penrith and board a bus for the regatta centre. Mount Penang Gardens are 70 minutes’ drive north of Sydney.